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Custom Lighting Houston Retrofit

You can dramatically reduce your business' operating costs through an energy efficient retrofit of your existing facilities. A lighting retrofit involves replacing the present components in your lighting system with more energy efficient ones. The energy savings from a lighting retrofit can be significant - enough to not only pay for the new components, but also produce a return on the investment.

Some of the benefits of a lighting retrofit include:

  • Lower energy consumption reduces your energy costs
  • Enhanced lighting quality, improving employee productivity and safety as well as enhancing your building's appearance
  • Much lower maintenance costs
  • Rebates from local energy providers like Centerpoint Energy
  • IRS tax rebates for the retrofitting of energy efficient lighting, power saving lighting controls like occupancy and ambient light sensors, and HVAC controls.
  • Fast payback on your investment, especially if you run multi-shift operations
  • Less heat means your HVAC system has to work less - more savings!
  • It's good for the environment

Some of the components of lighting retrofits include:

  • New energy efficient bulbs
  • Specially designed lighting fixtures
  • Solar cells
  • Motion and occupancy Sensors

Energy efficient retrofits for existing facilities are in increasingly high demand and have become much more affordable as well. Highlights Electrical have successfully completing lighting retrofits in retail, office facilities and other commercial lighting Houston locations. We also perform many other electrical services in Houston, Texas. Contact Highlights Electrical at 713-266-6464 for more information on how their cost-effective, energy saving lighting retrofit services with custom lighting Houston can help your business!


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