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Electrical Construction and Retrofitting

Highlights Electrical has been providing Houstonians with electrical construction and retrofitting for over 25 years. From municipal facilities to clinics, Highlights Electrical can tackle the electrical aspects of all of your construction projects.

Electrical Contractors from Highlights Electrical

Our professional attitude and skilled contractors allow us to provide our clients with optimal electrical systems. Highlights likes to do things right the first time; our team of experts work closely with General Contractors to ensure that we deliver quality installations in the desired time frame. By working effectively and efficiently, we are able to provide high-grade electrical systems at a reasonable price.

Our experienced electrical contractors are the fuel to our success. We perform installations and retrofits on a variety of projects including, but not limited to:

  • Retail centers
  • Industrial facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Parking lots and garages
  • Health care facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Municipal projects:
    • Water treatment plants
    • Municipal district facilities
  • Communication facilities
    • Radio stations
    • Television states
  • Churches and other houses of worship
  • Sports venues
  • Music venues

Yet Highlights does more than installation and maintenance of electrical systems. Our electrical contracting company also designs electrical systems from the group up. We can work with your budget to provide you with a functional and reliable electrical system. Our electrical contractors are also available for consultations, meaning we can help you evaluate your project and advise you on your options.

Use electrical contractors from Highlights Electrical for your next electrical construction project. Call 713-266-6464 to speak to a knowledgeable member of our staff about our electrical construction.

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Highlights Electrical is a leading Houston electrical contracting company, conveniently located on Pinemont Drive, just minutes from the Northwest Freeway.

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