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A Houston Electrical Remodeling Company You Can Trust

Houston electrical remodeling companyThe stigma of construction is very similar to that of the auto repair industry: the job always takes longer than they expect it to and is always more expensive than the original quote. While you can’t always foresee certain obstacles to construction, you can enlist the help of a trustworthy and reputable Houston electrical remodeling company. Highlights Electrical has been serving the greater Houston area for over 25 years. We work on residential projects with the same dedication that we work on commercial electrical remodeling jobs. CallĀ (713) 266-6464 to speak with a friendly member of our team about your electrical remodeling project.

A Houston Electrical Remodeling Company that Works with your Schedule!

Electrical construction and retrofitting is usually done in conjunction with a remodeling project. The Highlights team has always been very mindful of construction schedules and works hard to make sure that we are not the ones who are holding the remodeling project behind. Our extensive experience and certified technicians allow us to work with extreme efficiency throughout the remodeling process.

Open Communication

Another strong point about the Highlights team is that we are not shy about telling you the status of a project. If we have run into unexpected difficulties and obstacles that may cause project delays, we will tell you immediately.

Trust and communication with our client is extremely important to us and we firmly believe that keeping our clients “in the loop” makes the remodeling project go along more smoothly as a whole.

Teamwork, Cooperation, and Collaboration

Not only do we implement all of these qualities within our own team, but the Highlights team also makes sure to work with general contractors and architects to ensure that our project meets both the aesthetic and practical needs of our client. We believe that collaboration with other construction teams is the only way to design and build a solid remodel.

From build outs to complete renovations, Highlights Electrical is a Houston electrical remodeling company that you can trust with your project. Don’t get stuck with an unexpectedly large invoice — call (713) 266-6464 for a consultation.

Electrical Construction Contractor: Houston Sustainability

Highlights Electrical is an electrical construction company from Houston, TX. We have grown with this city and understand that the demand for energy is expanding at an exponential rate. For this reason, Highlights Electrical emphasizes energy efficient lighting and power solutions for commercial and industrial infrastructure. Lets look at some of the sustainable and cost-efficient options that we offer as professional electrical construction contractors.

Lighting Services

We design and install lighting systems from the ground up. Our technicians are also trained to follow all of the municipal regulations so we can ensure that your building is up to code with just one simple inspection. Local businesses frequently hire an electrical construction contrator from Highlights to perform basic maintenance on their lighting system. Our lighting services apply to the outside too, including parking lots, business signs, and light poles.

In terms of energy efficient options, we specialize in LED lighting systems and turn-key access lighting. If you would like to change your current lighting system for a more cost-efficient system, we can offer you professional retrofitting services at a rebated cost.

Electrical Construction, Maintenance, & Repair

electrical construction contractor HoustonElectrical systems extend well beyond lighting. Each electrical construction contractor on our team is trained in designing and installing an electrical system from the ground up. We also provide maintenance and repairs on almost all electrical systems. Looking to remodel? No problem! We will make sure to keep as much of your existing system as possible when remodeling your electrical system.

Installing a capacitor bank is a fantastic way to conserve energy. Highlights provides installation and maintenance of many types of capacitor banks.

An Electrical Construction Contractor Houston Can Trust

Our team of technicians are highly trained and certified in all fields of electrical services. When you call Highlights Electrical, you know you are speaking to real professionals located in your home town. In fact, we are so reliable that the City of Houston has entrusted us to do LED retrofitting for highway underpasses.

Let the best electrical construction contractor in Houston light up your home or building. Call (713) 266-6464 for more information.

Houston Electrical Contracting Company That Does It All

Highlights Electrical is a Houston electrical contracting company that can handle every electrical issue under the sun. Unlike other electrical contracting companies, we can follow through with an electrical construction project from start to finish. We focus on all aspects of electrical system design, installation, construction, and maintenance. Our team of technicians are also trained to handle other projects aside from electrical construction, such as security systems, IT services, and lighting systems. Whatever your issue may be, Highlights is here to diagnose the problem and find the solution. CallĀ (713) 266-6464 for more information about our contracting services.

Lighting by a Houston Electrical Contracting Company

Lighting is our passion. We truly enjoy designing and installing efficient lighting systems that encourage positive moods, productive, and safety. Whether its a parking garage or an entire office building, Highlights has the know-how and experience to create a lighting system that works well with the architecture and the aesthetic of your building.

Our expertise also lies in retrofitting lighting systems to bring them up to code and to make them more energy efficient. Highlights offers LED lighting options and can help you find rebated retrofit options, so you can go green and get brighter at the same time.

Highlights For Security Systems and IT

Fiber optic cabling from your Houston electrical contracting company

What sets us apart from other Houston electrical contracting companies are the services we provide in addition to our quality electrical and lighting construction. Our highly trained team of technicians can design card access security and camera systems that meet the needs of your building.

We also specialize in a voice, data, and fiber optic cabling, which can tremendously enhance the efficiency of your office building.

Never worry about a storm again with power generator, UPS, surge suppression, and capacitor bank systems. We provide installation and maintenance of all of our systems.

When it comes to picking a Houston electrical contracting company, wouldn’t you prefer only having to go to one for all of your electrical needs? Call Highlights Electrical at (713) 266-6464 to learn what we can do for you!