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A Security Camera System For Your Houston Based Business

Secure your company’s assets by installing a security camera system for your Houston based business. Imagine this: You lost important documents from your office and you suspect they were stolen by your employee the day you were absent, but there’s no proof of anyone goinSurveillance Camerag into your office except your suspicious mind. Would you install a card entry security system to help control employees access from entering your office?

As a business owner are you prepared to face lawsuits? An employee has the right to sue your company for several reasons. Would you do anything to avoid the mental stress of a lawsuit? What if an employee sued your company for their injured leg, but injured their leg elsewhere and are now accusing your company for the wrong reasons? In order to have honest proof of the situation mentioned it is important for your company to enhance their security systems, not by simply giving workers the proper safety attire and equipment, but by installing security cameras to protect your company’s name.

Security For Your Business’s Assets
Installing a security system will give you peace of mind, knowing that your business is being monitored both while you’re there and while you’re gone. Have you noticed a shortage of supplies in your office? Security cameras can help you identify employees who are stealing or even damaging your business equipment.

Security For Your Employees
If you ever find yourself in a situation where someone outside of your business is trying to harm your employees, a security camera will be able to capture evidence of the crime scene. In a time like this, it is hard for employees to collect or recall information from the rapid incident. A video tape from a security camera can provide more accurate information than an eyewitness.

Security For The Business Owner
Are your employees faithful when you’re out of sight? As a business owner you won’t need to worry about supervising your employees to make sure they’re working effectively. With a security system you will be able to monitor their work at your convenience. Security cameras can also help you identify the dedicated employees for when you’ll give bonuses. Also, if your business starts lacking growth in a certain area, you will be able to dismiss employees that are preventing advancement in your business.

Our company, Highlights Electrical, provides top quality customer service. We offer monitoring and recording equipment to facility managers and business owners. For more information about our services or to schedule a security system installment do not hesitate to call us at 713-266-6464. Installing a security camera system for your Houston based business will protect you, as well as your business’s assets and employees.

Electronic Security from Highlights Electrical

Keeping your office building or complex safe is a must in today’s society. The easiest and most efficient way to ensure your property stays safe is by installing an electrical security systems. Highlights Electrical in Houston offers an assortment of modern security products.

Card access systems for buildings is a safe way to ensure that not just anyone can walk off of the street and into your property; only trusted employees can gain access. There’s also an option to set different security levels to manage the access of different areas.

security-cams-002Installing a video camera monitoring system is the best way to not only see what is happening on on perimeter of the building but also what is happening on the inside. Monitor employee activity and external activity in the parking lots, adjacent roads, etc.

It couldn’t be easier to monitor and protect your property–Highlights Electrical even offers software to manage these security systems online.

Plus, camera monitoring and card access systems are just two of the many security options available. As electronic equipment develops, security systems become more and more sophisticated. There’s a variety of options to safeguard your building.

Contact Highlights Electrical today to learn about these and other options to security systems in Houston.


Commercial Electrical Construction Houston: Dedicated to Quality

electrical construction houstonRecently a prospective client asked, “What sets Highlights Electrical apart from other Houston commercial electrical construction companies?” The first answer that came to mind also happened to be the best answer: our dedication to quality it unparalleled. What does that statement actually mean though? Let’s think about it a bit.

Working With Deadlines in Mind

Deadlines are extremely important in construction. Most projects often suffer from unexpected, lengthy delays. We work with clients and general contractors to set realistic and reasonable deadlines for our portion of the project.

While we cannot predict the weather or delays in other aspects of construction, we can communicate openly with the client and make sure to keep them in the loop whenever there may be a potential delay. We implement effective communication efforts with all of our clients.

Collaboration with Other Construction Crews

Electrical construction works in conjunction with structural construction. We work closely with general contractors and architects to ensure that we design and install the proper electrical system the first time around.

The technicians at Highlights Electrical has completed electrical construction for a variety of commercial facilities, including — but not limited to — office buildings, shopping centers, retail facilities, restaurants, parking garages, and many other venues.

Quality Assurance

Once our systems have been installed, we thoroughly test them to make sure that they are working properly. Our extensive troubleshooting practices guarantee that your electrical system will work and run exactly as you had envisioned it.

Moreover, we offer regular maintenance services so that your electrical system will keep running smoothly. This service also helps us isolate potential weaknesses in the system before a problem arises.

For quality commercial electrical construction in Houston, there is no team more well-equipped than the technicians at Highlights Electrical. Give us a call at (713) 266-6464 or shoot us an email.

Electrical Construction Contractor: Houston Sustainability

Highlights Electrical is an electrical construction company from Houston, TX. We have grown with this city and understand that the demand for energy is expanding at an exponential rate. For this reason, Highlights Electrical emphasizes energy efficient lighting and power solutions for commercial and industrial infrastructure. Lets look at some of the sustainable and cost-efficient options that we offer as professional electrical construction contractors.

Lighting Services

We design and install lighting systems from the ground up. Our technicians are also trained to follow all of the municipal regulations so we can ensure that your building is up to code with just one simple inspection. Local businesses frequently hire an electrical construction contrator from Highlights to perform basic maintenance on their lighting system. Our lighting services apply to the outside too, including parking lots, business signs, and light poles.

In terms of energy efficient options, we specialize in LED lighting systems and turn-key access lighting. If you would like to change your current lighting system for a more cost-efficient system, we can offer you professional retrofitting services at a rebated cost.

Electrical Construction, Maintenance, & Repair

electrical construction contractor HoustonElectrical systems extend well beyond lighting. Each electrical construction contractor on our team is trained in designing and installing an electrical system from the ground up. We also provide maintenance and repairs on almost all electrical systems. Looking to remodel? No problem! We will make sure to keep as much of your existing system as possible when remodeling your electrical system.

Installing a capacitor bank is a fantastic way to conserve energy. Highlights provides installation and maintenance of many types of capacitor banks.

An Electrical Construction Contractor Houston Can Trust

Our team of technicians are highly trained and certified in all fields of electrical services. When you call Highlights Electrical, you know you are speaking to real professionals located in your home town. In fact, we are so reliable that the City of Houston has entrusted us to do LED retrofitting for highway underpasses.

Let the best electrical construction contractor in Houston light up your home or building. Call (713) 266-6464 for more information.

Commercial Electrical Contractors: Houston’s Highlights Electrical

Whether you are remodeling or building from the ground up, quality electrical design and installation is necessary for any construction project. Highlights Electrical is an electrical contracting construction company located in Houston, TX. Put the electrical design and remodeling of your next building in the hands of trained commercial electrical contractors. Houston calls (713) 266-6464 for all electrical construction services!

Electrical Contracting Services for Commercial Buildings

Commercial electrical contractors constructing an electrical system.

For over 25 years, we have been providing the Houston area with affordable and efficient electrical construction and maintenance services. We specialize in designing, constructing, and installing electrical systems in commercial buildings. Moreover, we work can also create a comprehensive management system so that you can easily control the energy use in your building. Energy efficient lighting options are available.

Looking to turn that empty lot next door into a parking lot for your business? We can design and construct the lighting poles for your parking lots. We are also experienced with lighting design for parking garages.

Each office building or commercial building has its own specific lighting needs. Our team designs electrical systems so that energy is optimally distributed.

We do much more than electrical and lighting systems design and construction. Highlights also specializes in voice cabling, data cabling, comprehensive energy analysis, power factor correction, energy efficient retrofitting, fiber optic cable installations, card access security systems, and generator installation and maintenance.

Commercial Electrical Contractors: Houston Trusts Highlights

When it comes to devising creative solution to electrical problems, Houston businesses call Highlights Electrical. We love coming up with new ways to improve the lighting in your office building while simultaneously cutting energy costs. Turnkey lighting solutions as well as revolutionary LED lighting systems are some of our specialities.

We also provide Houston businesses with affordable maintenance of hard to reach lights, such as signs and light poles.

When it comes to commercial electrical contractors Houston chooses Highlights. Call Highlights Electrical at (713) 266-6464 for all of your electrical repairs, maintenance, and construction projects.