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Exterior Lighting Drive-by Checkup Program

Exterior lighting Drive-By-Program is one of the unique services provided by Highlights Electrical, the Houston electrical contracting company in business since 1986.

The exterior lighting Drive-By-Program delivered by our electrical contracting company allows our customers to receive a recurring report on the status of their exterior lighting for enabling constant maintenance and safety in and around their commercial facilities and industrial areas.

The organized system that Highlights Electrical utilizes for this Drive-By-Program includes mapping each property with each light fixture on that property being numbered and located on a site plan.

Lighting Maintenance Reporting by Electrical Contracting Company

On a recurring basis, your properties will be checked at night by Property Inspector. Each light fixture that requires service is noted on the report and the report is then faxed directly to you, our customer.

Properties are checked monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly depending on the customer's preferences. Because Highlights Electrical is a full-service electrical contracting company, the repairs that are required by the report can become a work order by simply signing it and returning it to us via fax or email. We then provide our customers with additional, immediate service by scheduling these lighting repairs at once.

Customers receive several benefits by participating in our exterior lighting Drive-By-Program as follows:

  • Safety is greatly enhanced for businesses using the Highlights Electrical Drive-By-Program. Well maintained lighting systems prevent vandalism and help the general public feel more secure.
  • Warranty issues are tracked and because each light fixture is numbered, the customer is kept informed of any problem areas.

Please call Highlights Electrical today at 713-266-6464 to learn more about these lighting services and others we provide that will ensure that your properties are operating at peak efficiency.


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