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Houston Energy Efficient Retrofits

Houston energy efficient retrofits for existing facilities are in increasingly high demand and have become much more affordable as well. Please contact Highlights Electrical at 713-266-6464 for details on receiving cost-effective, energy saving lighting retrofits for your business today!

With the implementation of money saving rebates from retail electricity providers, including rebates from infrastructure owners such as Centerpoint Energy; energy saving retrofits became much more affordable in 2009.

Additionally, The Federal Government via the IRS is offering tax rebates for the retrofitting of energy efficient lighting, power saving lighting controls (occupancy and ambient light sensors etc.), and HVAC controls, and motors into existing facilities.

The potential for great savings on the initial capital expense of a lighting retrofit installation, and the rapid financial payback on the lighting installation is now a reality for businesses operating in today's energy marketplace.

Full-Service Electrical and Lighting Contractor

At Highlights Electrical, we are full-service electrical and lighting contractors who are familiar with, and experienced in energy saving retrofits. We have successfully completed lighting retrofits in retail and office facilities across the Greater Houston Area and Texas.

We are registered sponsors of Centerpoint Energy's Standard Offer Programs (S.O.Ps) and we can quickly guide you through the process, by which you can take advantage of the retail discounts and rebates available, as well as the steps and paperwork required in order to avail yourself of these Federal Tax incentives.

By contacting Highlights Electrical, a business owner can now take advantage of all three of these programs simultaneously to achieve capital savings on electricity that were not previously available!

Increasing your bottom line is the goal of every business, and energy efficient retrofits of existing facilities is a great way to start.

Centerpoint Energy allocates 30 million dollars annually for its S.O.P and more retail providers are coming on line with rebate programs for Houston energy efficient retrofits. Give us a call at 713-266-6464 to allow us to guide you through this cost-cutting process today and increase your energy efficiency!




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