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Houston Occupancy Inspection

Highlights Electrical, is glad to help with your Houston occupancy inspection requirements. We have a great deal of experience with occupancy issues and we are willing to guide you through this process. The first step is to understand the inspection process. The city performs these inspections with a team of inspectors from the Occupancy Department. Structural, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical issues are noted on their inspection report.

Once we receive a copy of the inspection report, we will give our customer an estimate for a site visit to develop a scope of work. Usually (1-3) man hours will cover the site visit. Once our customer has approved the cost of the site visit, an Electrician will be scheduled and will be issued a copy of the report. After our site visit we will provide our customer with an estimate, if an estimate is required. Although we cannot guarantee that our estimate will cover subsequent inspections by city inspectors, we do normally address items listed on the occupancy report and other obvious code violations.

Before repairs can commence, an electrical permit is required and must be issued under the project number on the occupancy report. These repairs are normally performed on a time and material basis and when complete an electrical inspection is performed by the city to verify that all repairs are complete and up to code. In some instances, inspectors may see other issues that were not on the original report. These issues must be addressed in order to pass the inspection. When all issues have been addressed the city will issue a final on the permit.

It is our goal to make this process as painless as possible and with minimal disruption to your business. Be sure to call Highlights Electrical today at 713-266-6464 for questions about your commercial Houston occupancy inspection.


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