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Houston uninterruptible power supply system maintenance provided by Highlights Electrical is a necessity and not an option if you want your UPS system (uninterruptable power supply system) to work properly when you need it. Please give us a call today at 713-266-6464 to discuss your power supply system needs today!

A UPS System can come in many different sizes, from desk-top units to power supply systems that would fill an entire room. At Highlights Electrical, we have installed and maintained systems from small 1KVA units for small businesses to systems in excess of 150 KVA, utilized by municipalities and their emergency management departments where communication is essential for the protection of life and property.

As with any piece of equipment, a preventative maintenance regime is required to keep a power supply system in peak working condition. The last thing that a business needs is down time due to loss of communications or computerized data! UPS systems are expensive to purchase and need not be expensive to maintain. Highlights Electrical has the equipment and expertise to keep your equipment up and running and ready to perform when needed.

Houston Electrical Contracting Company: Power Supply Maintenance

What to look for and where to look are essential skills in identifying potential problems prior to your facility being exposed to catastrophic data and communication loss. ;Through the use of thermal imaging equipment, we check connections and components looking for “hot spots” that are generally visible via infrared imaging prior to failure.

We will also visually check for liquid contamination from batteries and capacitors, conduct a monitored run-time test on the system itself to determine battery holding capacity, clean and vacuum the enclosure(s) and do a thorough inspection of the entire system.

If a generator system is also part of your back up power system it will also need to be checked periodically as well. Transfer switches, circuit breakers and any system bypasses will also be gone through thoroughly, so when the time comes and the power is out or intermittent, your business can still function properly, or enable a controlled shut down in a manner that will not compromise your irreplaceable data. More information on generator maintenance.

Please call upon Highlights Electrical at 713-266-6464 and allow one of our helpful staff of electrical professionals to assist you in securing an appointment for service of your Houston uninterruptible power supply system today. We would be happy to serve you with any of your electrical needs!


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