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LED Lighting Has Arrived!

Recent developments in LED technology are producing new opportunities for companies to reduce their energy costs and their maintenance costs.

In recent months, LED technology has reached a tipping point. Due to increased competition and research, fixture costs have come down while efficiency levels continue to rise.

Most new construction projects are specifying LED lighting systems for interior and exterior applications. Lighting manufacturers are experiencing double digit increases in annual LED lighting sales.

New LED lighting rebate programs offered by local utility companies make LED lighting upgrades even more attractive. Some companies are seeing their return on investment time greatly reduced and, when rebates are factored in, some are seeing paybacks of less than 2 years.

We at Highlights Electrical have been watching these developments in LED technology and are now convinced that LED lighting upgrades make sense for our clients. As a lighting company for the last 26 years, we are experts in this field and are willing to help our clients make the right choice when it comes to LED lighting systems.

We caution our clients to be aware of one-source or factory-direct LED lighting companies that are springing up overnight in the Houston area. These companies employ individuals with little or no experience in lighting systems. Moreover, they only offer one brand of lighting and, in most cases, are factory representatives who are trying to exclusively sell their brand. Some of the lighting fixtures offered are not even U.L. listed, meaning they would violate local codes if installed.

In closing, we stand ready as your lighting experts in helping you determine if LED lighting would benefit your company. Highlights will evaluate your current lighting systems and, if you are a good candidate, we will prepare a [good] professional lighting design and return-on-investment report.

Attached is a CenterPoint Energy LED lighting rebate program flyer. We will assist our clients in applying for all relevant rebates, which can amount to four and five figure amounts paid in cash directly to the customer.

Very best regards,

Clyde Bryan

Click Here to View CenterPoint Energy LED lighting Rebate Program Flyer

LED Lighting Program


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