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Houston Electrical Contractor Highlights Electrical has 30 Year Anniversary

September 12, 2016

Highlights Electrical will be hosting an Open House September 22, 2016, in appreciation of its loyal customers, vendors and employees who have contributed to its success in achieving the 30-year milestone of its existence.

HOUSTON, TX - Founded in 1986 as a light bulb supply company, Highlights Electrical evolved into Houston's exterior lighting installation and maintenance company over the years, marking 2016 as a 30-year milestone. As the company grew and matured, it became one of Houston's premier electrical contractors servicing a diverse client base such as area churches, hospitals, restaurants and businesses from every industry.

Making an impact on the Houston area, Highlights Electrical brings many Houston area projects to fruition. Since energy efficient LED lighting became affordable, Highlights has teamed up with several manufacturers such as Cooper Lighting to provide our customers with the best technologies available to achieve their lighting and energy savings goals.

Highlights Electrical prides itself on offering the best customer service. With our 24 hour service, we strive to make sure our customers are always satisfied with our work. Highlights Electrical staffs themselves with the very best. Their team is composed of Licensed Electricians who have hands-on experience and are proficient in their fields, allowing us to maintain our reputation for excellence in our industry.

Our Open House is just one way we wish to thank our customers and vendors for all the support we have received over the past 30 years! It is also an excellent opportunity for people to meet the staff that tries to go above and beyond to guarantee the customer has a positive and memorable experience. We look forward to the next 30 years with enthusiasm and anticipation!

If you would like to know more about Highlights Electrical Open House or have any questions about lighting or electrical services Highlights Electrical offers, please call the office at 713-266-6464 or go to www.highlightselectrical.com.


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