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Houston, Texas (Marketwire) –April 6, 2010 – Highlights Electrical, one of Houston's leading electric contracting companies, is committed to helping business owners curb their rising energy costs.

One of the most costly necessities of running any business is electricity, especially in Houston, where summertime is approaching with high temperatures and humidity. Business owners and CEO's have turned to Highlights Electrical for the latest technological advances and solutions in minimizing energy costs.

Highlights Electrical has been installing energy management systems for a variety of industries in Houston and throughout Texas for many years. They continue to assist business owners with efficient, innovative, and proven technologies. Each company has different needs, so the experts at Highlights Electrical have a proven system to evaluate energy requirements of each client and determine the optimum energy management system for their business.

Recently, Highlights Electrical has become a factory authorized dealer and installer of the Odyssey Total Control Energy Management System. Developed by TEMSCO, Inc., a Texas Company in business since 1972, one of the most advanced features of the Odyssey system is an automated "demand control" energy management system that controls and monitors interior and exterior lighting and HVAC systems, as well as any device or equipment that operates on electricity or gas.

"We recognize that companies cannot be profitable without controlling their energy costs," said Clyde Bryan of Highlights Electrical. "The Odyssey Total Control System has resulted in savings of 15-40% for our participating customers, which has a huge impact on a company's bottom line. With both electric and gas prices soaring, there is no better time than the present to utilize this program."

About Highlights Electrical

Highlights Electrical has been a leading electrical service company in the Greater Houston area since 1986. The highly qualified staff of licensed Electricians, and Apprentices as well as certified Data Technicians provide electrical and data repair service and installation for over 5,000 commercial and light industrial clients. Specialties include lighting retrofits in retail and office facilities, electric wiring and construction,  high and low voltage electrical cabling and contracting, voice and data cabling, comprehensive energy analysis and power factor correction, fiber optic cable installations, electrical design, installation and testing.  Highlights Electrical is a factory authorized dealer and installer of the Odyssey Energy Management System.

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