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Resources Blog Highlights Electrical Offers LED Lighting in Houston

Highlights Electrical Offers LED Lighting in Houston

Look at the light in the building you’re sitting in, the technology you’re using, the television you’re watching, or theoutdoor street lamp–you are probably being illuminated by Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) without knowing it! Highlights Electrical offers LED lighting in Houston to help you save money.

LED lightingWho Uses LED Lighting?

LED lighting is widely distributed throughout indoor and outdoor venues, such as:

  • restaurants
  • corporate buildings
  • religious facilities
  • parking lots

The Reason For its Popularity?

LED bulbs help save money! Users of LED only worry about changing light bulbs approximately 50,000 hours (which beats any standard light bulb). LED lighting is replacing old-fashioned bulbs because it is the most energy efficient light source.

How Do LED Light Bulbs Work?

LED’s don’t work quite like old fashioned light bulbs, a Diode is the element that differs LED’s production of light from traditional incandescent lighting, which uses a filament. When the electric current passes through the diode, it creates a high energy level that produces light when released.

What Are The Benefits of Using LED?

LED lighting offers several advantages over traditional bulbs that will help make maintaining your lighting system easier and more cost effective:

  1. Save Energy
  2. Longer Bulb Life
  3. Less Heat Production
  4. Resistant to Shock
  5. Instant Lighting at Switch

How Do I Switch To LED Lighting?

Highlights Electrical offers LED lighting in Houston since 1986! We ensure that our clients receive the most out of their electricity services; therefore, we offer low installation and service cost. To start discussing a plan, contact us at 713-266-6464. We assure you that your transition to LED lighting will be as smooth as possible.